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    Advantages of Pulley Lagging

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      Good quality

      CN semi vulcanized natural rubber, the hardness of rubber is not more than 60 shaohi, wear resistance, corrosion resistance is excellent, anti-aging performance is superior, under normal pressure and temperature, the service life is more than 5-10 years, rubber and metal bonding strength is excellent, bonding strength is (12-15N/MM), and domestic hot vulcanization roller rubber is heat vulcanized as: 3-10N/MM, excellent adhesive strength is effectively avoided. The rubber layer and metal crack, such as the occurrence of the phenomenon of breaking off, the comprehensive cost performance of rubber is excellent.

      Simple operation

      Germany's excellent rubber friction coefficient effectively prevents the conveyor belt from slipping in the wet and muddy working environment, which makes the operation and construction easier, increases the service life of the drum, and makes the on-site construction convenient and quick.

      high strength

      The rubber elastomer has dense molecules, good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical impact resistance, high strength, good rigidity, no creep, impact resistance, earthquake resistance and water hammer resistance, which is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance.

      Wide temperature range

      The German drum can be used in the range of - 20 ° C to + 80 ° C for a long time, and the rubber layer will not be separated from the iron drum due to the temperature change.

      Low energy consumption

      The customized diamond pattern, herringbone pattern or ceramic rubber plate on the surface of the drum have good lubricity, small loss of running resistance and low running cost.

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